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JMD Global Developers, LLC was founded in July of 2011, when Benjamin Hernandez decided to carry on the legacy of his father’s company, JMD Developers, Inc.

Wanting to expand on his father’s life work, Benjamin implemented his vision of a modern construction and development company in which the entire design and build process can be performed in-house (known as design–build). As a licensed engineering, general contractor, and roofing contractor firm; we provide commercial and residential construction, engineering, and roofing services and can offer various solutions to meet your construction and development needs.

At JMD Global Developers, we offer you over 55 years of construction lineage and experience. We strive to build more than just buildings; we strive to build relationships. Our people are with you every step of the way, delivering a quality building experience. You’ll get more options, more value and more predictable results thanks to our design-build process and engineering capabilities. Our design-build process is one that you can depend on, and our expert construction is designed to outperform the competition and ensure satisfaction. JMD Global Developers, LLC has taken on many projects ranging from well-known fast food restaurants, commercial warehouses and office buildings, apartment complexes, residential developments and family homes, road and bridge construction and high-rise buildings.

JMD Global Developers, LLC has built a name for itself by providing honest and competitive pricing; excellent quality of workmanship; and quality customer service.

With JMD Global Developers, you get a company that puts your best interest as our main priority.


Our Strategy

Quality Construction & Fair Pricing

We constantly monitor all markets and suppliers networks to make sure we get the best price every time.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest equipment, materials, technologies and developments to deliver better service.

Highly Trained Crews

Our talented and experienced construction crews can take any design and turn it into a reality.

Our mission

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Florida's Trusted Construction Experts Since 2011